Cousine Island, Seychelles Islands

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Cousine Island (Seychelles Islands) Indian Ocean

  Top of the line, Premier Accommodation.

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Cousine Island (Seychelles Islands) Indian Ocean


Cousine Island (Seychelles Islands) Indian Ocean -

In the azure waters of the Indian Ocean there is an island like no other on earth. An island where nature thrives and man is just a silent observer, curator of one the most pristine islands on earth. Cousine Island is one of the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles islands. These set of islands are situated about 1 600 kilometers from Kenya. Other neighboring countries include Zanzibar and Madagascar.

The four exclusive island villas are situated just a few meters from the beach and well spaced from each other, affording maximum privacy and seclusion along with the highest level of luxury. Cousine Island Resort and Spa is an intimate resort, catering to a maximum of eight people, the perfect destination for travellers seeking an escape from the crowds, but where luxury and service is never compromised. Cousine Island can only be reached by helicopter and it is this seclusion that makes it such an attractive haven for people wanting absolute privacy. Due to the island’s delicate eco-system transfers by helicopter is preferred. Transfers are available from any heli-stop and the transfer cost is priced accordingly. 20kg of soft baggage per person is preferred due space restriction. Boat transfers are offered from Mahe or Praslin.


Cousine Island (Seychelles Islands) Indian Ocean -

The Island:

The island is 25 hectares (62 acres) in size; approximately 1.4km in length, 800m in width and is 100% dedicated to the preservation of the Seychelles environment.

The vegetation consists of 95% endemic plants and is home to more than 7 land birds (Seychelles Magpie Robin, Seychelles White-eye, Seychelles Brush Warbler, Seychelles Fody/Tok Tok, Madagascan Fody, Seychelles Turtle Dove and the Seychelles Blue Pigeon) and 9 breeding seabirds (Wedge-tailed Shearwater, Audobon Shearwater, Brown Noddy, Lessor Noddy, Sooty Tern, Fairy Tern, Bridal Tern, White-tailed Tropic Bird, Red-tailed tropic bird) as well as a variety of migratory birds – the remaining 5% of vegetation is made up of indigenous fruit trees and vegetable plants which is used as a food source for the staff and guests. Fruit bats feed on the Ficus trees and the island's undergrowth is home to a variety of insects, lizards and gecko's. Migratory birds consider Cousine home during 6 months of the year. Hawksbill Turtles come ashore to nest and Green Turtles, rare to the Seychelles, nest occasionally throughout the year. Cousine Island is one of the few islands in the Seychelles to be completely free of alien mammals.

Cousine Island (Seychelles Islands) Indian Ocean -


There are 4 elegant French Colonial Villas nestled in lush endemic vegetation and positioned 30 meters from the beach. The air-conditioned Villas have a surface of 175 m² each and are in full view of the ocean with front & rear verandah, each with its own outside showers in your own Garden of Eden.

The large bedroom opens up onto the beach allowing you to breathe the fresh sea air and to enjoy the magical view as the sun rises and sets.

The spacious bathroom has a twin shower with twin vanity and Jacuzzi bath. Luxurious Ligne St Barth products with exotic tropical scents have been specially selected to allow you to relax and indulge, candle light ensures that your bath is not just a necessity but a longed for occasion.

The lounge and dining area has been furnished to ensure maximum homely comforts. Satellite television, DVD player, Ipod docking station and international dial telephone ensure that you can still get in touch with the outside world.

Cousine Island (Seychelles Islands) Indian Ocean -


The Pavilion has an open-air dining area with lounge, library & broadband internet access and a fresh water swimming pool. The Gecko bar leads off from the Pavilion giving you a breathtaking view of the Blue Ocean and lush green neighboring islands. Here the chef enchants you with fragrant aromas which can only be created using the freshest ingredients and island grown produce. Meals can be enjoyed in the dining area or the bar whilst listening to the waves lapping on the shore and birds chattering in the sky. Night time brings magical starry skies with bon fire barbeques on the beach and bare foot dining.


All products and ingredients used are sourced locally. Fresh fish is bought from the local fisherman on Praslin or Mahe. Although we grow a lot of our own fruits and herbs we also buy them from local farmers. The chef uses Creole, Asian and Western influence in his cooking to create unique mouthwatering dishes. On Cousine there is no menu, our chefs discuss each meal and dish personally with our guest ensuring that meals are prepared to order.


Cousine Island (Seychelles Islands) Indian Ocean -


Our conservation team will take you on a magnificent journey through the island giving you a rare experience that will leave behind memories that you will treasure forever. Learn about the past, present and future of Cousine Island. We share our philosophy with each and every visitor and encourage our guests to partake in the conservation effort by planting a tree for their island.

Turtles and other marine life offer a magnificent experience of a different world. While snorkeling or diving, their images will leave everlasting impressions.

For those adventurous at heart we can arrange a variety of fishing experiences. Whether it is traditional bottom fishing or deep sea fishing, you are sure to bring a trophy home which our chef will turn into the most scrumptious feast.

Excursions to our surrounding islands can also be arranged. The most intriguing aspect about the Seychelles islands is that every single one is different and unique in its own way, each with their own history, mystery and story to tell.

Cousine Island (Seychelles Islands) Indian Ocean -


Cousine Island is unique amongst the islands in the region - with a conservation based management structure in which the hotel blends into the natural beauty of the island - on Cousine Island the conservation remains the overall priority! Cousine contributes directly to the region's biodiversity and conservation simply by doing what it does on a day to day basis. The Island is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the most ecologically important private islands in the world. In keeping to the island's philosophy, the luxury eco-friendly hotel with its four exclusive private Villas ensures that human impact is kept to a minimum. We believe that eco-Tourism is not about sitting and watching but rather it should involve direct and tangible benefits to the environment. Educational programs initiated and co-funded by Cousine Island allow for the flow of knowledge regarding the best management practices to other islands and ecological managers in the Seychelles and beyond.

Cousine was involved in the construction and management of the 'Island Conservation Centre' on neighboring Praslin. This centre promotes environmental visitors to the region and it provides a focus for all environmental and ecological work in the area, a resource which has long been ignored in the past. The Island's conservation work is so respected that Cousine is also consulting to national and international groups on various conservation matters, testament to how seriously Cousine Island's own management treats the issue of conservation.

Guests are encouraged to participate with the conservation work on the island. This can take many forms, from the simple but important act of the planting of a tree from the island's nursery of indigenous species, to assisting the island ecologists with the monitoring of critically endangered marine turtles and endangered land birds or by simply relaxing on the beach and enjoying the natural surroundings or even visiting the Spa for a pampering treatment. Guests always leave Cousine with a deeper knowledge of the environment and a sense of belonging to nature. Even if our guests choose not to be involved at all, they are still supporting the conservation and restoration programs by simply visiting Cousine Island!


Cousine Island (Seychelles Islands) Indian Ocean -

On Cousine Island we live by our mission: "To promote and practice nature conservation and the wise use of natural resources of the island and its surroundings and to share this philosophy with our guests."

All our practices are conservation based and our first priority is the natural environment in which we live. Staff to guest is educated about the importance of conserving our environment and our operation bears the evidence.

Cousine Island offers you the opportunity to not only visit a private island but to experience a sense of ownership. The Island offers privacy found in very few places on earth! From arrival to departure and beyond, you are a part of the Cousine Family - we offer warm hospitality which is unobtrusive and encourages a true 'home away from home' feeling.

Birds and tortoises welcome you, the song of the Magpie Robin enchants you and the ever curious skinks sit quietly awaiting a crumb to fall from your table... Enjoy nature orientated activities like walks, snorkeling trips or night safaris guided by our dedicated conservation staff who will enlighten you in the conservation work and wildlife found on Cousine.


  Accommodation Rates: From $1,120 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary 


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