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Naboisho Camp (Naboisho Conservancy / Masai Mara) Kenya

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Naboisho Camp (Naboisho Conservancy / Masai Mara) Kenya

Naboisho Camp (Naboisho Conservancy / Masai Mara) Kenya -

Naboisho Camp is situated in the Naboisho Conservancy (a 50,000 acre area) that lies to the far east of the Mara/Serengeti Eco system. This new exclusive eight tented camp in the unrivalled wilderness hosts a huge variety of wildlife - cats, elephants, giraffes, plains games including the rare sighted wild dogs.

Sweeping open plains, savannah wilderness, undulating hills and riverine acacia forests. Extensive herds of ungulates are calmly grazing, but always on the lookout for hunting predators. Just picture yourself in the very heart of this, all your senses heightened. Welcome to Naboisho camp. Our youngest, intimate tented settlement from where you are perfectly positioned to explore this unrivalled natural beauty.

Naboisho Camp (Naboisho Conservancy / Masai Mara) Kenya -

A one-hour flight from Nairobi you find this oasis. It’s located in the Mara Naboisho Conservancy, one of the most unspoilt and game rich areas in Kenya. ‘Naboisho’ means ‘coming together’ in local Maasai language. And rightfully so; the Mara Naboisho Conservancy is where tourism successfully meets spectacular wildlife and the great warrior tribes.

Naboisho is a permanent camp, but leaving the smallest footprint possible. But that doesn’t mean we compromise on comfort! We believe it’s all about details. In the eight spacious tents traditional bush style meets a fresh modern feel. High-level personal service creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. And our unique relationship with the surrounding Maasai community guarantees a safari experience far beyond the ordinary.

Naboisho Camp (Naboisho Conservancy / Masai Mara) Kenya -
The Area:

The Mara Naboisho Conservancy is located in Narok South district within the Great Rift Valley and borders the famous Masai Mara National Reserve. It provides livelihoods and guarantees income to local Maasai landowners while simultaneously safeguarding wildlife.

As a result, the area is well known for its first class flora and fauna and provides unmatched safari experiences.


Naboisho Camp (Naboisho Conservancy / Masai Mara) Kenya -


Even for the untrained eye Naboisho is a spotters dream; both common and uncommon species are hard to miss. Just to get you warmed up a little, the unspoilt and varied area hosts:

Three identified prides of about 35 lions – and probably another 80 unidentified ones
Spectacular herds of wildebeest and zebra that were totally left unprotected before the Conservancy was created
A huge giraffe population
Several herds of frequently visiting elephants
Hippos and crocodiles
An impressive variety of (rare) birds
Other uncommon species such as aardvark, serval cat, aardwolf, white headed buffalo weavers and caracal
Occasional visiting eland, buffalo, impala, hartebeest, rhino and more.


Naboisho Camp (Naboisho Conservancy / Masai Mara) Kenya -



While enjoying the same landscape as the neighboring, world-famous Maasai Mara, you’re privileged to unique activities. And our local Maasai guides are more than happy to share their world. One that only very few truly know.

The camp is perfectly located to experience every aspect of the wilderness and offers a wide range of activities. Game drives, off-road tours, bush picnics and fly camping. Walking safaris – ideal for bird spotting – and spectacular night drives, activities not allowed in the adjacent Mara Reserve, provide an alternative experience to the ordinary game drive. The Conservancy limits the number of visitors by holding on to a ratio of one guest per 700 acres. No crowded vehicles, but guaranteed spectacular, unspoiled and exclusive views of wildlife.

For a more cultural experience our guides invite you to visit their hometowns. Feel enriched by this very personal encounter, which will always be genuine and unobtrusive. And of course, in addition you could join talks and presentations by researchers, as part of the wildlife research programmes in the conservancy.



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