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Nkwichi Lodge (Lake Nyassa) Mozambique

 Rustic Classic Accommodation.

Elephant Bedroom Camp, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.

Set on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River in Samburu National Reserve surrounded by Doum palms and other beautiful indigenous trees and shrubs.

Elephant Bull, Jao Concession, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Jao offers an excellent all round Okavango experience, with game drives, mokoro excursions, short guided walks and boating available.

Chongwe River House wins The Good Safari Award for the Best Safari House in Africa AGAIN!

Game viewing is done from a vehicle in either the Lower Zambezi National Park or from a boat on the Zambezi. Canoeing, walking and fishing are also offered.

African Lion - The predator everybody wants to see on Safari!

The African lion is one of the most popular group of cats in the Wild. Its popularly known as the King of the jungle due to impressive mane

Ngerende Island Lodge (Olchoro – Oirogua Conservation Ranch, Masai Mara, Kenya.)

The lodge is surrounded on all sides by water, but for a 100 yard wide section where the river has not quite joined up, to become a true island.

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town is a city of culture, built on a history that reflects in the architecture, cuisine, music and dance. An ideal holiday destination throughout the year.

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Nkwichi Lodge (Lake Nyassa) Mozambique


Nkwichi Lodge (Lake Nyassa) Mozambique - The Setting:

Sit back, relax and imagine this scene. You are in Africa, sitting under the shade of a fig tree, looking out over one of the world's largest freshwater lakes. To your right rock pools filled with crystal clear water, teem with fluorescent coloured fish darting amongst smooth ancient boulders.

On your left lies a white sandy beach stretching away from you, backed by pristine forest. All you can hear is the warm waters of this tropical lake lapping against the beach. Out on the lake the silhouette of a fisherman in his wooden canoe passes by as he paddles home with his day's catch.

Sounds like the perfect place to relax? At Nkwichi Lodge, on the shores of Lake Nyassa in Mozambique, it's just the end of another day in this peaceful corner of Africa. Nkwichi. The ideal romantic interlude. The perfect match for an African safari. Nkwichi Lodge is located on the Mozambican shores of Lake Nyassa. Most of our guests arrive via Likoma Island, taking a light aircraft flight from Lilongwe. There are no roads for miles around the lodge so you will be collected by boat from Likoma airport and transferred to the lodge.

Nkwichi Lodge (Lake Nyassa) Mozambique - Accommodation:

The Lodge:

On the wild shore of Lake Nyassa, the 9th largest lake in the world, is where we built Nkwichi lodge. At 560km long, 80km wide and up to 700m deep, it forms the eastern border between Malawi and Mozambique. The lake's fresh water is crystal clear and contains a greater variety of indigenous fish species of than any other lake in the world. Nkwichi Lodge lies on the Mozambique shoreline at one of the most beautiful points on the lake. It has been carefully designed to provide comfort and privacy for guests. With a maximum of only 14 people and be assured of best rates at Nkwichi, the lodge can offer guests the highest levels of service in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The beach on the shores of the lake with its fine, white sand is the central feature at the heart of the lodge.. Nkwichi prides itself on practicing responsible Tourism. By and be assured of best rates at the lodge guests are contributing to nature and the development of the community. The lodge provides wages for over 75 local members of staff. Their salaries support up to 15 members of their direct families. This means that by and be assured of best rates at the lodge you will have an impact on the lives of over a thousand people.


Nkwichi Lodge (Lake Nyassa) Mozambique - The Chalets:

When you arrive by boat you would never know there is a lodge here. Each Chalet has been carefully tucked away in the tree line so that the pristine lakeshore scenery is unspoilt. There are 6 chalets in total, allowing only 14 guests to sleep at the lodge at any one time. The chalets are located far enough apart to provide privacy. Each one is designed differently with their own unique characteristics. Some are built around rocks and trees surrounding the chalet. All of them are spacious attracting the breezes from the lake under the shady thatched roofs.

The central feature in each chalet is the enormous, 4-poster bed, made of old tree trunks and covered in a beautifully crafted white mosquito net. The sheets are freshly pressed as are your beach and bathrooms towels. Alongside bedside tables with flowers are carefully arranged by the lodge's staff. In the evenings there are electric lights in each room. Each chalet has its own en-suite bathroom cleverly designed so that you can bathe outside under the tree canopy in complete privacy. All of the bathrooms have showers hung from overhanging branches with hot and cold running water. Some have bathtubs carved out of the living rock. Each chalet has a thatched veranda to cool guests from the midday sun, complete with carved armchairs and hammocks for siestas.


Nkwichi Lodge (Lake Nyassa) Mozambique - Dining:

Meals are an important part of everyday life at Nkwichi. No 2 meals are ever the same with the chef's delicious range of recipes and the numerous locations where guests can dine for different meals during the day. The Lakeshore Deck is a popular place to have breakfast each morning, sitting under the shade of the enormous fig tree eating fresh mangos and homemade muesli whilst gazing out across the blue water. Lunches vary depending on what you do each day. Guests often take part in activities which take them away from the lodge during the day. One of the highlights of people's stay is the walk to one of the largest baobab in Africa. It is estimated to be well over 2000 years old. Lunch is served under the shade of this spectacular living antique.

If you are feeling lazy and just want to relax on the beach, the main lodge dining room provides a raised view out over the lake. If you are away from the lodge walking, canoeing or visiting local community projects delicious picnics will be provided wherever your guide takes you. Dinner is a moveable feast. The staff will make a point of asking each guest whether they would like to eat with everyone else in the lodge or prefer to dine with a companion or as a private party. There are a number of locations for dinner. One of the guest's favorite spots is down on the beach beside the lake under the stars. Alternatively dinner can be served at people's chalets or on the lakeshore deck. Try a new place each evening.

Nkwichi has one of Africa's most impressive 'kitchen gardens'. The Manda Wilderness Horticultural Project on the neighboring farm is run by the Manda Wilderness Conservation Project. Local farmers have learnt how to grow fresh fruit, vegetables and other food to supply the lodge with delicious produce each day. The lodge chefs use their imagination and skills to provide a mixture of western recipes along with more traditional African food. Flexibility and attention too detail is our ultimate goal in providing excellent service for your stay at Nkwichi Lodge.

Nkwichi Lodge (Lake Nyassa) Mozambique - Activities:

Nkwichi has a great variety of exciting and interesting activities. Whether you are visiting for the first time as a couple, as a family with children or in a small group there is plenty to get involved. For those people who have been on safari and are looking to relax for a few days the beach at Nkwichi rivals any on the Indian Ocean. Guests who want to explore the surrounding areas will find a fascinating 'trail' of local cultural and environmental interests.


The lodge is located at the foot of the escarpment in the Rift Valley. This means it only takes a few minutes to walk up behind the lodge, gain some height and look out over the lake towards Malawi. There are a number of walks with varying lengths according to your needs. A guide who is able to identify the vast range of bird species can either accompany guests or you can take a map and explore the local area on your own.

Bird watching:

The lake attracts a vast range of bird species. Some of these are indigenous to this part of Africa whilst numerous species pass through on their migration flights north and south each year. The lodge has several guides who are highly knowledgeable about finding and identifying the local bird species.

Nkwichi Lodge (Lake Nyassa) Mozambique - Likoma Island Tour:

After breakfast guests take a launch or dhow across to Likoma Island which remains part of Malawi despite being on the Mozambique side of the lake. A guide will lead you around this interesting community showing you several places of local importance. This includes the historic St Peter's Cathedral which was built over 100 years ago and plays a central role in the people's community life. Trips are planned as far as possible to coincide with services to allow guests the chance to enjoy the amazing atmosphere and hear the choir sing.


There's so much to do at Nkwichi you would have to stay a long time to fit all the activities in. However the atmosphere created at the lodge allows guests to slow down, take a 'rain check' and relax. After all it is your holiday. Nkwichi is the perfect place to chill out and recharge your batteries. It is one of those unique places where you feel comfortable to take your watch off, hide it and let nature's clock take over. The only disappointment you will feel is the realization that at some stage you will have to leave.

Lake Nyassa (as its known in Mozambique) is the 9th largest freshwater lake in the world. As you stand on the shoreline looking out over the blue water it feels as though you are looking out to sea - it's an enormous expanse of crystal clear water shimmering in the bright sunshine. This freshwater environment provides a wonderful opportunity for guests to explore the lake with a number of activities , along its shores, and beneath its transparent surface.

Nkwichi Lodge (Lake Nyassa) Mozambique - Swimming:

There can't be a more inviting place to swim than the Nkwichi beach. Mchenga Nkwichi means 'the sand that squeaks' - its true. The sand is so fine underfoot and as white as you can imagine. One of the drawbacks from swimming in the seas and oceans is the bitter taste of saltwater. This isn't a problem at Nkwichi as Lake Nyassa is one of the world's cleanest lakes.


Guests spend hours exploring the underwater world which opens up to them as they gaze below the surface and meander through the rock pools along the lakeshore. It's an enormous natural aquarium with hundreds of beautifully coloured species of fish known as cichlids. Lake Nyassa has over half the world's cichlids swimming in its clear waters.


The lodge has its own private catamaran for guests who want to take advantage of the daytime breezes that blow onshore. Miss Nkwichi is the aptly named lodge dhow. This can be used for day trips up and down the lake visiting local communities along the shoreline. There are several deserted sandy beaches where you can stop off for a quiet picnic and sunbathe.

Nkwichi Lodge (Lake Nyassa) Mozambique - Canoeing:

This has to be one of the most peaceful ways of exploring the local lakeshores. The lodge has its own Canadian style canoes which are sturdy and comfortable. Either you can be paddled by one of the lodges guides or take out a canoe with a friend and try to spot a pair of otters playing around on the rocks or diving underwater. This is also the best way to see the lakes bird species. You are able to get far closer in a canoe especially whilst drifting at dawn or dusk.

Manda Wilderness Reserve:

A 600square km game reserve has been created in alliance with the local communities to protect the wildlife in this wilderness area. The scenery varies enormously as you move inland from the lakeshore through acacia woodland, grassy plains bordered by streams and rivers and past deep rocky gorges. Species include sable, elephant, reedbuck, leopard and over 300 species of birds.

Camping trips into this wilderness area can be arranged from the lodge. Each morning your guide will lead you out on foot on a gentle walk pointing out the fascinating variety of flora and fauna. After a few hours you will break for a picnic lunch under an acacia tree. Continue walking in the afternoon until you reach your new campsite beside the Rio Messinge or overlooking a stunning gorge. Dine out under the stars before retiring to your 2 man spacious 'A' frame tent equipped with a comfortable mattress and sleeping bag.

Nkwichi Lodge (Lake Nyassa) Mozambique -



Lake Nyassa:

The lodge dhow, Miss Nkwichi, is ideal for expeditions on the lake north or south of Nkwichi. Accompanied by an experienced guide you will sail along the lakes stunning shoreline. There are several islands including Likoma and Chisumulu with deserted sandy beaches to stop and camp on.

All camping equipment is provided along with food and a chef to cook the fish that can be caught fresh from the lake on to a bush barbecue. Livingstone named Lake Nyassa the 'Lake of Stars' after spending time exploring its shores. There are few better ways of experiencing traditional African ways of life than spending time on this spectacular lake.




  Accommodation Rates:-  From $320 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary. 

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