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Selous Safari Camp (Selous Game Reserve) Tanzania

  Luxury Classic Accommodation.

Elephant Bedroom Camp, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.

Set on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River in Samburu National Reserve surrounded by Doum palms and other beautiful indigenous trees and shrubs.

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Jao offers an excellent all round Okavango experience, with game drives, mokoro excursions, short guided walks and boating available.

Chongwe River House wins The Good Safari Award for the Best Safari House in Africa AGAIN!

Game viewing is done from a vehicle in either the Lower Zambezi National Park or from a boat on the Zambezi. Canoeing, walking and fishing are also offered.

African Lion - The predator everybody wants to see on Safari!

The African lion is one of the most popular group of cats in the Wild. Its popularly known as the King of the jungle due to impressive mane

Ngerende Island Lodge (Olchoro – Oirogua Conservation Ranch, Masai Mara, Kenya.)

The lodge is surrounded on all sides by water, but for a 100 yard wide section where the river has not quite joined up, to become a true island.

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town is a city of culture, built on a history that reflects in the architecture, cuisine, music and dance. An ideal holiday destination throughout the year.

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Selous Safari Camp (Selous Game Reserve) Tanzania


Selous Safari Camp (Selous Game Reserve) Tanzania - Location

The Selous Safari Camp is delightfully situated within an open palm forest on the shores of Lake Nzerakera, a massive lake adjoining the Great Rufiji River. Blending in superbly with its natural surroundings in what is one of the most photogenic areas of the Selous Game Reserve. All safari tents are widely spaced along the lake shore ensuring maximum privacy and wonderful views. Each tent sits atop its own raised timber platform with two large verandahs on either side where one can sit with a cup of tea in the morning watching the bush come to life at sunrise, or nursing a gin and tonic as the bush gets ready for the night at sunset.

The camp has prime position at the center of this unique riverine and lake complex, with the highest concentration of African wildlife and myriad birdlife. There are no fences and no artificial modifications so animals may wander freely through the camp and often do. Hippos moving through the camp are a nightly occurrence and some of Selous elephant frequently meander between the tents looking for a late night snack. The African sound of whooping hyenas and bellowing hippos is a constant background medley throughout the night causing the more wary traveller to check tent zips are secured.

Selous Safari Camp Room - Selous Safari Camp (Selous Game Reserve) Tanzania - Accommodation

Much as guests are encouraged to become at one with the bush surroundings, full consideration has been given to comfort within the camp itself. The spacious tents are luxuriously appointed, with en suite bathrooms and open air hot water showers. Ceiling fans are present in all the rooms situated above the king sizes beds where guests can rest away the exertions of the morning activity and cool down during the heat of the day before heading out again later. The camp as a whole is comprised of two separate camps, North and South. North camp possessing 6 tents and South camp with 7 tents. In this way, there is never the feeling of having too many people around and each camp can provide a high level of seclusion enabling guests to become familiar with all their fellow travellers as well as the staff. Each section has its own swimming pool, well stocked bar and dining area, and each has its own well supplied kitchen where our chefs produce the finest cuisine. All meals are complimented by a good wine selection. No movement between camps is required as each has its own host, game viewing vehicles, jetty for boat safaris and walking guides. For that intimate, quiet, wild feeling, the Selous Safari Camp is perfect for forgetting all the troubles of the modern world and immersing ones self in nature with just the right amount of luxury in a very remote wild location.

River Breakfast at Selous Safari Camp (Selous Game Reserve) Tanzania - Activities / Wildlife

While our guests find that game viewing and communing with nature can readily be achieved without moving from the camp itself, we offer full opportunities to get out into the bush to explore more of the Selous Game Reserve, its intriguing topography, its fascinating flora and its teeming wildlife.

Selous Safari Camp offers an exceptionally large array of activities to choose from be it by boat, vehicle or foot, your guides will personally tailor all activities to suit the guest so that they get the most out of the Reserve in the time they have available. All Selous activities generally go out after breakfast, quite different to other places due to the topography of the land and the animals dependence on drinking water. The main game movements in Selous occur a little later in the day as most animals make their way down to the lakes to drink only after the sun has come up, before this time most of the animals are far inland where there is little road networks for driving. In this way our guests can relax and after a nice leisurely breakfast embark on a drive or boat with a full stomach and then can stay out in the reserve all the way until lunch.

The Pool at Selous Safari Camp (Selous Game Reserve) Tanzania -


After some more food and a small siesta, guests can then go out again in the late afternoon from about 16h00 when animals generally come back to life again providing more interesting game viewing. All activities must return to camp after sunset for about 19h00 as this is the rule of the park. Night Drives are not allowed in Selous.

Game Drives

For drives there are open four-wheeled drive vehicles, specially adapted for close-up game viewing, which make for exhilarating early morning and evening forays into the surrounding bush. Each vehicle is in the charge of expert well trained guides who are on hand to explain everything from unusual animal behavior to rare and elusive species of birds and even the life cycle of termites. This is the most common activity and lets you get nice and close to some of the most spectacular animals which walk the earth.

Boating at Selous Safari Camp (Selous Game Reserve) Tanzania -
Boat Safaris

The boat safaris are conducted in sturdy metal boats with a powerful outboard motor on the back and a covered canopy. Each boat safari is guided by a boatman who has grown up on the river and knows all the little nooks and crannies where a boat can sneak through like the back of his hand.

They are also well aware of hippo and crocodile behavior having spent so many years safely guiding people between them. The boat safaris provide some of the best water birding in Africa as well as getting up close and personal to hippos and crocs which swarm through the river system, be they wallowing in the water or basking on the banks.

Game Drive at Selous Safari Camp (Selous Game Reserve) Tanzania -
Walking Safaris

Another unique opportunity the Selous has to offer is the possibility of doing a walking safari through the bush. These guided walks are the only activity which leaves very early due to the need to avoid the sun and the heat of midday. Walks leave at 6:30 am accompanied with a watchman and a fully qualified armed guide. The pace is not fast and the ground covered is nothing great. It is a gentle stroll through the wilderness with emphasis more on the little things which are very much neglected from vehicle. The possibility of seeing lions or wild dogs on foot is greatly reduced however elephant sightings are very common and to walk relatively close and safely with these animals is one of natures greatest thrills. The walking concentrates more on ecology, tracking, dung identification, medicinal uses of trees, birds and generally interpreting the bush giving guests a much greater, broader understanding of nature. Not to be missed!! For the exercise orientated or more adventurous, please enquire about the possibilities of a one or two night fly-camp where one or two nights are spent "roughing it" in the bush accompanied by your own walking guide.


  Accommodation Rates:-  From $625 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary. 

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