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Honeymoon Safaris in Africa

  Honeymoon Safaris are custom designed to match the exact requirements of clients. Your choice of camps and duration. 


Elephant Bedroom Camp, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.

Set on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River in Samburu National Reserve surrounded by Doum palms and other beautiful indigenous trees and shrubs.

Elephant Bull, Jao Concession, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Jao offers an excellent all round Okavango experience, with game drives, mokoro excursions, short guided walks and boating available.

Chongwe River House wins The Good Safari Award for the Best Safari House in Africa AGAIN!

Game viewing is done from a vehicle in either the Lower Zambezi National Park or from a boat on the Zambezi. Canoeing, walking and fishing are also offered.

African Lion - The predator everybody wants to see on Safari!

The African lion is one of the most popular group of cats in the Wild. Its popularly known as the King of the jungle due to impressive mane

Ngerende Island Lodge (Olchoro – Oirogua Conservation Ranch, Masai Mara, Kenya.)

The lodge is surrounded on all sides by water, but for a 100 yard wide section where the river has not quite joined up, to become a true island.

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town is a city of culture, built on a history that reflects in the architecture, cuisine, music and dance. An ideal holiday destination throughout the year.

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Honeymoon Safaris in Botswana

An absolute unforgettable wedding and honeymoon safari at Somalisa Camp, Hwange Game Reserve, Zimbabwe! -


A honeymoon safari in Africa can be the ultimate romantic getaway. Africa has always had a certain aura and mystery about it that makes it a very special place for a Honeymoon. Imagine a candlelit romantic dinner for two, served in total seclusion, right in the heart of the African wilderness, or lazing back after a day of spotting the big five, staring at the brightly lit stars without a care in the world, listening to the call of the wild. This is the reality of an Africa honeymoon and combining your African Safari with a tropical Indian Ocean island such as Mauritius, Seychelles, Zanzibar or the islands off the coast of Mozambique makes an Africa Honeymoon Safari a dream come true.

Please review the  itineraries listed below – a selection of our most popular African Safari & Island Honeymoon destinations. However, at African Safari and Travel we pride ourselves on designing Africa Honeymoons that not only meet but, surpass our clients’ high expectation.


Please click on the images for detailed itinerary information
Jacks' Camp
Dive into the Delta
(6 Days)
The Hidden Migration
(7 Days)
Desert and Deltas
(7 Days)
Two Sides of Botswana
(7 Days)
Botswana on a Budget
(10 Days)
Untamed Botswana
Customized Safaris in Botswana - Customized Safaris in Botswana -
Magical Botswana and Vic Falls
(11 Days)
The Kwando Safari
(9 Days)
Belmond Safaris' Best of Botswana
(7 Days)
KDB - Botswana Contrasts
(9 Days)
KDB - Botswana Highlights
with Tongabezi (9 Days)
KDB - Special Reserves
(10 Days)
Leroo La Tau Romance in Botswana - Customized Safaris in Botswana - Contrasts of Botswana - Customized Safaris in Botswana -
Desert and Delta Honeymoon Safari
(9 Days)
Romance in Botswana
(7 Days)
Contrasts of Botswana
(9 Days)

Honeymoon Safaris in Kenya

Honeymoon safaris in Kenya - Honeymoon safaris in Kenya - Honeymoon safaris in Kenya -
(You determine the duration)
The Superior Choice
(9 Days)
Chelis' Premier Tented Safari
(11 Days)
Honeymoon safaris in Kenya - Honeymoon safaris in Kenya - Bush Homes Through Kenya - Honeymoon safaris in Kenya -
Great Camps of Kenya
(9 Days)
Safari and Seychelles Islands
(15 Days)
Bush Homes Through Kenya
(10 Days)

Honeymoon Safaris in Tanzania

Honeymoon safaris in Tanzania - Honeymoon safaris in Tanzania - Honeymoon safaris in Tanzania -
Cultures and Wildlife Safari
(11 Days)
Best of the North Safari
(8 Days
Strictly Serengeti Safari
(9 Days)
Honeymoon safaris in Tanzania - Honeymoon safaris in Tanzania - Serengeti Under Canvas - Honeymoon safaris in Tanzania -
The Migration Safari
(7 Days)
The Ultimate Tanzania Safari
(9 Days)
Serengeti Under Canvas
(You determine the duration)
Honeymoon safaris in Tanzania -   Singita Explore -  Honeymoon safaris in Tanzania -
Return of the Classic Safari Camp
(Minimum of a 3 night stay)
  Singita Explore
(Minimum of a 3 night stay)

Honeymoon Safaris in Namibia

Skeleton Coast and Hoanib
Adventure (7 Days)
Journey through Northern
Namibia (7 Days) 
Namibia:- The Full Works
(12 Days) 

Honeymoon Safaris in South Africa

8 Nights Simbavati and Nottens Safari Kings Camp, Timbavati Game Reserve, South Africa
Simbavati and Nottens Safari
(8 Nights)
South Africa in Luxury
(11 Days)
Cape Town and Luxury Safari
(11 Days)

Honeymoon Safaris in Seychelles

Honeymoon vacations in the Seychelles - Honeymoon vacations in the Seychelles - Honeymoon vacations in the Seychelles -
Cousine Island Frégate Island North Island
  Honeymoon vacations in the Seychelles -  

Honeymoon Safaris in Zambia

Honeymoon Safaris in Zambia - Honeymoon Safaris in Zambia - Honeymoon Safaris in Zambia -
Classic Luangwa Safari
(10 Days)
The Best of Zambia
(10 Nights)
Falls, Bush and Beach
(12 Nights)
  Honeymoon Safaris in Zambia -  
  Ultimate Zambia and Malawi
(14 Nights)
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