Chinzombo Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia


Chinzombo, South Luangwa, Zambia -


The next generation of Zambian bush camp. Wildly luxurious, it brings a new level of style, comfort and elegance to the Luangwa Valley. The old Chinzombo Camp was for years the green season base for Norman Carr way back in the 1970’s. We are thrilled to be giving this unique place a new lease of life. Architects Silvio Rech & Lesley Carstens, the visionaries behind North Island – Seychelles, have created six super-luxurious villas one of which is specially designed for families with two bedrooms.

Chinzombo (so named after the chinzombo fruit), originally a simple, rustic camp on the banks of the Luangwa, now promises to be innovative and luxurious; ideal for guests seeking more glamorous camping. Located on a large and pristine area of land almost entirely cut off by the meandering Luangwa River, Chinzombo is practically an island all on its own. A sense of luxury and sophistication is seamlessly combined with materials unique to traditional Zambian buildings create a bush-camp unlike any other. Ecologically friendly, the aim of Chinzombo is that the structural aspects only temporarily affect the environment and will leave no mark behind on this pristine land.


Chinzombo, South Luangwa, Zambia -



Chinzombo's 6 villas appear to float over the lush and tranquil landscape, naturally situated underneath ancient trees on the Luangwa River bank. A winding foot path connects the villas and lounge/dining area through the shade of the surrounding msikzi trees.

The simplicity of the modernist steel framed structures exist in contrast to the natural materials used in the unique décor and interiors.


Chinzombo, South Luangwa, Zambia -


The six spacious villas – one of which is designed to accommodate a family of at least five – are nestled under the shade of ancient trees on a bend in the river. Spacious living areas comprise large, cooled bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms and private plunge pools on shady decks. Each villa is equipped with WiFi and there is a yoga and exercise area, a spacious open plan bar, library, swimming pool and spa facilities.

The bedroom and canvas ensuite bathroom are suspended above the tall grasses and shrubbery with wide views out over the Luangwa. Set well apart, each villa is spacious with both indoor and outdoor areas to relax and absorb the sights and sounds of the surrounding bush. Both rooms have views through the tree-line to the Luangwa River and the bedroom opens out onto the villa’s shaded deck, outdoor lounge and private pool.


Chinzombo, South Luangwa, Zambia -



The South Luangwa National Park has been rated by many as one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. The South Luangwa National Park offers incredible birdlife and the diverse vegetation offers the ideal habitat. A big attraction to the park is the famous 'walking safari' and is the best way to explore this magnificent area. The park is home to 60 different animal species and over 400 bird species.

Large herds of elephant can frequently be seen on the plains and buffalos and hippos are spread throughout the valley. Zebra can also be seen in abundance, as well as the Thornicroft's Giraffe, unique to Luangwa Valley. The park has one of the densest populations of leopard in Southern Africa as well as an active predator population and lions are abundant in the Luangwa.



  Accommodation Rates:- From $900 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary